Baby Boomer or Baby Bummer?

Are you a baby boomer?  Are you desperately clicking your remote control trying to find the reruns of our parents fifties?  Didn’t they call it the Golden Years?  The years when all they were thinking about was retirement and playing with their grandchildren.  Yeah….that channel.  I’m still looking but I just can’t seem to find […]

Trust Your Intuition

As I sit and reflect a moment, what if I ignored my intuition? I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 when I discovered a tender and sore lump in my breast.  I was seen immediately by my gynecologist and was told it was nothing; however, a mammogram and ultrasound was a necessary follow up.  […]

She Wasn’t That Bad

My mom is in recovery. It has been years since she has locked herself in her and Dad’s room for days or gotten so high before a family event that she nervously chatted non stop for what seemed like hours. Mom has forgave herself for the damage her drug addiction has done to her but […]