We Are Their Stewards, but They Keep Our Hearts

I know animals are healers and teachers.  They show us how to connect on a deep level and so remind us to connect with ourselves. It seems like I came into the world with this as a basic premise, and my encounters with animals only validated this place of being. My very first memories are […]


Where I live, New York City, the majority don’t like to rest, nor do many of us have the luxury of space.  New Yorkers are working around the clock, either towards something (their children’s futures, entertainment, bigger homes, ski vacations out West, trips abroad) or working to stay away from something (the neighbor they don’t […]

Fear And Love

The name of what appeared to be a delicious cocktail if you are reading the ingredients first like I do. But how could I actually order a Love and Fear while I am sitting down to a Valentine’s Day meal with my lover. Fear is what I chant away, push from my fingertips, jump over, […]