A New York State of Mind

It is all about expectation, whether it is a medical procedure, a holiday dinner, or a family visit. As much as I know this to be true, I was still not prepared for the deluge of thoughts, memories and feelings that flash flooded on my last trip to New Paltz, New York to visit my […]


Have you ever finally gotten to know something like the back of your hand and POW!!, here comes change?  For me change was my kryptonite…key word– WAS. At work, I take pride in knowing my duties, policies, procedures and regulations like the back of my hand.  Often times, my colleagues would come to me for […]

Mom’s Chair

When we were growing up we had family meetings. I always felt a sense of relief when someone else was in trouble… but when everyone was quiet and staring at me I would suddenly realize that I was the one in trouble! I quickly took stock I all the things I did in the last […]