Like most of my generation, I was raised to show my appreciation to someone by writing a Thank You note. Never in my life did I imagine that one of them would be to an addiction treatment center. But addiction is an octopus. It’s tentacles reach out until it squeezes the life out of everyone. […]

Anonymous Guest Personal Journey

A Sandwich, Massachusetts Family’s Personal Journey through Addiction and Recovery Addiction does not just affect the addict, but everyone around them. After reading the article “Drugs in School” in The Sandwich Enterprise, and realizing that some residents of this town are either clueless, naïve, or realistically, just turning a blind eye to this issue, I […]

Thirty One Shades of Pink

It’s that time of year again. It has nothing to do with leaves, and nothing to do with Halloween, however much the stores would have you believe otherwise. October has been chosen to spotlight breast cancer awareness, and those of us who have ridden that wave need to be prepared for the reprise of attention […]