Just Four Little Letters #6

The day of the shower, something told me to call my mother. Intuition, inner voice, the spirits; I don’t know. But it was strong. Unfortunately, I kept getting distracted by the party preparations and kept putting it off. I told myself I would call her after the shower, but the event went long, and after […]

Who’s Your Snappy

I was on mile 15 of my 20 mile bike loop, enjoying the mid-afternoon sun of a spectacular day on the cusp of summer and autumn. The temperature had risen to a dry 72 degrees, with a gentle breeze, and I was starting to think about our evening dinner plans with friends. I might have […]

“How Much? How Fast?” Reprogramming for Massive Success

Feelings of satisfaction leisurely define me as I ride shotgun in my girlfriend’s Saab. “Can’t be much better than this,” is the expression smeared on my face.  We are just getting home on the 4th of July; sleeping pup and sun-kissed kid sister are in tow. We spent the day at our friends’ house soaking […]