A Mother-Daughter Relationship

There is nothing more cherished than a relationship between a mother and daughter. Although the relationship will have its ups and downs, the unconditional love and devotion exceeds the challenging moments! Three years after the birth of my second son, I had a strong desire to have another child. I undeniably wanted to have a […]

Teaching Everyday Things

So many times I ask myself “Are we doing everything the way it should be done?” Is there a right way?  Well, guess what, sometimes we make mistakes. We’re human and not perfect parents, we’re still learning, but are proud to say that we are raising kind, well-mannered boys. It’s not easy, but teaching everyday […]

Who’s Your Snappy

I was on mile 15 of my 20 mile bike loop, enjoying the mid-afternoon sun of a spectacular day on the cusp of summer and autumn. The temperature had risen to a dry 72 degrees, with a gentle breeze, and I was starting to think about our evening dinner plans with friends. I might have […]