Adina Azarian

Founder & President Adina Equities Adina

425 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10022

T: (212) 838-3700
C: (917) 478-2699


Adina Azarian is a top real estate professional and successful entrepreneur who currently owns her own boutique real estate company, Adina Equities, which specializes in marketing and representing exclusive listings for property owners and management companies in New York City. She and her firm are also affiliated with Keller Williams NYC, the Manhattan franchise of Keller Williams the largest residential real estate company in North America with 80,000 agents and 700 offices, who are also currently expanding worldwide.

Adina began her real estate career in 1995 when she was just 21 years old, after answering a “Help Wanted … No Experience Necessary” ad. She interviewed with a top Manhattan broker who recognized her potential and hired her on the spot. Armed with a real estate agent’s license, and little else, Adina set off to learn the real estate business. She was a natural, and before long, she became a top producer as well. Just six years later Adina founded her own company, Adina Equities, which quickly became a brand name in the real estate industry. Built on the acclaim of her clients, property managers, and landlord relationships, her company went on to represent hundred’s of exclusive apartments and rental buildings over the years it has been in business. Her dedication and hard work has earned her the respect, commitment, and solid recommendations that turned her into a well respected industry leader with a well established niche. Today she runs her company out of the Keller Williams NYC headquarters on Park Avenue, and also maintains a business center for Adina Equities located on prestigious Irving Place that notably was a gift to her from a landlord who praises her work.

Adina was appointed the Team Leader/Chief Executive Officer of Keller Williams NYC in April 2011 during the launch phase of the Manhattan market center. She successfully recruited more than 100 agents to the company in less than one year and helped fill several key leadership positions as well. Although she has since returned to her role as President of Adina Equities, this accomplishment earned her the designation in the company of Keller Williams NYC’s Cultural Ambassador. The designation “Cultural Icon” or “Cultural Ambassador” is a lifetime appointment. These are leaders in Keller Williams who are responsible for growing the firm’s culture daily in their market center. Adina chooses to do so through helping the company continue to grow with like minded agents who fit in within the unique KW culture. She views her Ambassadorship as an honor and reminder of her commitment to staying actively involved with helping the company grow by introducing the firms unique business model and value proposition to other entrepreneurial minded real estate agents looking to take their business to the next level.

Chosen by Donald Trump to write the second chapter of his bestselling book, The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received, Adina was one of only ten females featured, and the only broker specializing in residential rentals who was invited to include a chapter. She has appeared on NY Residential TV on WPIX, and taped a webcast for The Real Deal in which she was featured as an expert on the NYC residential rental market. She is a regular featured expert on real estate trends and women in business articles in The Real Deal, New York Magazine, Time Out NY, The Daily News, The Mann Report, The Grindstone, and more.

Currently, Adina is writing a book honoring mentors she has had in her career path to be used as a resource for other entrepreneurs looking for inspiration.

Adina possesses a strong philanthropic spirit. She has been actively involved in raising awareness for numerous non profits she is passionate about: Tuesday’s Children, ARF, Angel’s Gate, Lemonade Day, and The Retreat to name a few. She is a member of the Real Estate Board of NY.


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