Fireworks Food Family and Friends

Fireworks, Food, Family and Friends, that’s what I love about the 4th of July. I am a huge fan of a great outdoor bbq so fire up the grill and get your sparkle on with these simple fresh and tasty tips; Lets face it the food and drinks are the stars of this party, so […]

She Wasn’t That Bad

My mom is in recovery. It has been years since she has locked herself in her and Dad’s room for days or gotten so high before a family event that she nervously chatted non stop for what seemed like hours. Mom has forgave herself for the damage her drug addiction has done to her but […]

Weighty Subjects

My weight has fluctuated up and down between 5-20 pounds most of my life.  I stand at 5’7 and not even sure of what I weigh, but it is likely in the 125-130 range.  I’ve never been medically overweight, but I used to be one of those people who obsessed about everything I put in […]