Meg Stafford


Meg jumped out of her crib with a pen in her hand and began creating books at the age of three. Her spelling and grammar improved once she started school, but her writing and humor retain the freshness of a spring chicken (who start cracking jokes right out of the shell). She delights in writing a column for various newspapers which she has done for almost 30 years.

College and graduate school required a minor detour, and Meg maintains a thriving private practice in psychotherapy in Massachusetts. In 2006 she added certificates in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching to her quiver.

In June 2007, enter breast cancer. Meg kept her friends and family in stitches while she informed them of her treatment triumphs and vicissitudes over the next year and a half. She transformed these experiences and emails into a book, Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C, which came on the scene in 2011. It garnered six literary awards in 2012, including Independent Book Publisher Association’s Best First Book (non-fiction).

Meg continues to write for several newspapers and online magazines while working on her next book about her travels to Nepal with her 17 year old daughter who studied meditation and Bhuddism at a monastery in Khathmandu while Meg trekked to the Annapurna Base Camp. Her older daughter is embarking on an adventure in supporting peace in Columbia while her husband continues to bring the world beautiful pottery.

Want to check out Meg’s articles? Click here.


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