Zumba Class with a Twist

I arrived at “class”, carrying my sneaks to change into so that I wouldn’t track in any dirt or grit from outdoors. Welcomed at the gate to the huge enclosed backyard corner lot at the Acton home of Michael and Zuzana Smith, I could see the lushly landscaped space.  Teenagers lounged by the pool, some […]

Motherhood – The Journey of Learning

Most of motherhood is a journey and a learning experience in letting go. My journey of letting go sort of started the first time I let our boys play outside alone without me peering out through a window or walking outside yelling their names wondering if they were ok and guess what? They’re such smart […]

A Month of Gratitude

October is the month dedicated to breast cancer awareness and fundraising events to support its research.  Regardless of whether or not breast cancer has affected one’s life personally, October is the time of year people truly come together to celebrate those who won their battle, those who lost their battle and are remembered for their […]