I never really appreciated being disciplined as a pre-teen and teenager.  For a very long time, I associated discipline with fear, restriction of freedom and punishment because that’s what happened when I was disciplined.  If I questioned the rules, well, to be honest, questioning of the rules was not allowed, and often I heard, a […]

I’m Not James Dean – Reblogged from QLC

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I’d like to share with you a letter from a mentor of mine. She’s lived in four countries, speaks two languages fluently and four proficiently. She’s a trained architect, an artist, a published writer, an amazing chef, and a mother. Her sixtieth birthday is around the corner. She knows I’ve been having…

September is the New Year

I have always loved September. To me, it has always been the great ʻdo overʼ. As a child and teen-ager it meant new books, new school supplies, new shoes, new clothes, new teachers, and new classes. I always felt renewed, and optimistic about the coming school year, chock full of hope for a year better than the one […]