Megan Blake

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Megan Blake is a force of nature in creating ways to integrate pets into people’s lives and to advocate for animals.

She’s the resident Pet Expert/Host and Segment Producer/Writer on PBS’s Emmy-Award winning Animal Attractions TV and Host/Writer of A Super Smiley Adventure on Pet Life Radio, the largest Pet Radio Network in the world!  Both series won Honorary Mentions at the Humane Society of the U.S.’s prestigious Genesis Awards, “the Academy Awards for media advocating for animals.” A sought after Pet Expert and Spokes-Person in the media for television, film, print and live engagements, she appeared on Oprah’s Network (OWN) on Ryan O’Neal’s reality series as The Pet Lifestyle Coach™ where she helped Ryan adopt his perfect dog mate and then set them up for success. She is also a columnist for the award winning Dog’s Life Magazine. With her lifelong love of animals and her Magna Cum Laude BS in Psychology, it’s only natural that she’s The Pet Lifestyle Coach ™.  Sizzle video reel:

Her radio show, A Super Smiley Adventure, is inspired by her rescued spokes-dog, Super Smiley, and explores adventures as well as inner journeys of self-discovery where animals lead.  From Red Carpet interviews with icons including Betty White and Academy Award Nominees James Cromwell, to celebrities in the hottest shows like The Vampire Diaries, to in depth interviews with stars like Ryan O’Neal, to pet talk with K-9 celebs like Academy Award luminary Uggie, A Super Smiley Adventure delivers a wealth of information and Super Smiles.

Megan and Smiley are also Award Winning Film Makers, energizing pet adoption with Super Smiley Flash Mob – A Dogumentary.  The unprecedented Super Smiley Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption is The Happy Campaign for Pet Adoption that has “rocked it” across the United States energizing everyone to go out and adopt a pet. The film won The Visionary Award at LA’s prestigious Awareness Film Festival and the Regional Competition at Film Festival Flix, the 1st national touring film festival.  (press kit link also found here)

As a leading Pet Travel Expert, Megan is the Program Director for Air Hollywood’s K-9 Flight School, and was an Official Spokes-Person and Pet Expert for Toyota’s Pet Safety Campaign, and her cat, Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, has traveled over 130,000 miles sharing travel tips in the media along the way.

Megan is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with a CCPDT-KA qualification.  She and Smiley are a certified Pet Partners Therapy dog Team and an Animal Assisted Crisis Response team with the HOPE organization, both for which Megan is a qualified handler. Megan and Smiley have expanded their Flash Mob 4 Pet Adoption to include working with kids at risk, whimsically investigating the values animals teach and ending with The Super Smiley Flash Mob 4 Kindness.

Megan is an actress, and is now bringing her pet expertise there as well.  In the film Susie’s Hope, the true story about a dog set on fire in 2010 who survived to inspire Susie’s law, Megan plays Susie’s trainer. Megan has acted in dozens of hit television series and feature films alongside many of the biggest names in the business including Academy Award winner Elizabeth Taylor in Sweet Bird of Youth, and Golden Globe nominee Christina Ricci and Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow in The Opposite of Sex.  Megan has the thrill of “saving the world” in Eyeborgs, a Sci-Fi starring Adrian Paul, and in The Magistical, in which she voices a little boy and which has won over 20 Film Festivals including Best Animated Feature at the Hollywood Film Festival.  Smiley also joins Megan on the big screen in Susie’s


Want to check out Megan’s articles? Click here.




  1. Tim Marback says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to more of your posts. Next time we’re in LA, we definitely have to get together. Best to Kim.


  2. Hey Tim! I look forward to meeting you!

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