The Pet Lifestyle Coach ™

When Anita asked me to join her blog, On Fire at Fifty, I was energized even beyond my normal speed, which on a daily basis keeps pace with my Arabian horse, Starfire. Anyone who knows Arabians will attest, they love to Go! They are Alive! Starfire embraces passion for life in every moment.To me animals are […]

Love and Fear

Two basic emotions drive human behavior: fear and love. When I look back at the decisions I have made in my life, many, and likely most, were based in fear. It’s taken a series of events over a ten year period, starting in my mid-thirties, to awaken me to this fact. When my eyes finally […]

The Seahorse

Creating a blog about being on fire in your fifties should probably have a blazing header instead of a couple of seahorses. At least this is the opinion of a few friends of mine. I know all too well how fierce I am (as my daughter puts it) and I’m proud of it but I […]