How To Get Your “Mojo” Back Baby!

When we lose our “mojo” and self-confidence it is not only painful, but it can keep us stuck in a fearful and emotionally uncomfortable place. It is helpful if you can pinpoint exactly when and why it happened. It could be as a writer you got a rejection letter, or didn’t get the job you […]

What Do You Do, When You No Longer Do, What You Once Did?

What do you do, when you no longer do, what you once did? This question could be asked of a retired cop, dancer, chorus girl, model, even an Army General. What do we do when the marriage is over, the show canceled, the house sold, the kids gone, the race run, when the jobs done. […]

Who’s Better Than Me?!?

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”~ Mae West Many years ago I was at a fundraiser in New York City, that was packed with celebrities I spotted Morely Safer from 60 minutes and told the friend I was with that I was going to go say hi to […]