Karen Nourizadeh

110612A-060bigKaren Nourizadeh, a“recovering attorney,” is now a writer, yoga instructor, wellness expert, inspirational speaker and media contributor based in New York City, where she has been living for the past 22 years. After a mid-life crisis and years of searching, Karen finally freed herself from law and ‘Corporate America’ to help people heal themselves, mentally and physically, through the spiritual and physical practice of yoga. Karen is completing her first work, Follow Your Heart, a memoir detailing her struggles and path, one in which she needed to shed her fears and other’s expectations in order to reveal her true Self and fulfill her destiny. On her spiritual quest, Karen encounters a mysterious 10 year-old Indian boy who teaches Karen lessons of the heart through his pure, honest, uncalculated actions. Through her story, Karen hopes to inspire others to shed their fears and realize their own potential, at any age, in order to create a magnificent life.


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  1. Ed Lemmo says:

    Hi all ! Eating junk food in response to stress has always been an issue for me. Just this past February after my mother came down with a serious heart illness requiring hospitalization and constant monitorering my stress sored. As most, I have had tremendous stress in my life. Some of it is attributable to my personality, and some due to the death of a father, lawsuits ,a failed partnership, money and other personal issues.

    Only a few months ago , I found my waist line had grown at least an inch. I would also note at that time I had stopped going to yoga for about a month at that time or only went to 1 class a week.

    I have read about cortisol, a hormone that lends itself to the production of fat cells in response to stress.

    I have found that for me the combination of regular yoga classes, including at least two 2 hot slow flow classes a week, drinking iced green tea, and limiting my sweet or sugar intake has helped normalize my waist line. I have read the debate where some experts say you can lose weight from yoga and others say not possible unless one incorporates more aerobic exercise into their daily routine.

    I am not a doctor, but from my individual experience I believe that attending regular yoga classes and trying to incorporate a healthy diet, can reduce everyday stress and weight gain we experience with aging and inactivity .( I am in my fifties ). Also in my experience regular yoga can give one a more positive outlook on life,help in maintaining a healthy weight , normalize or lower blood pressure, and provide a feeling of self worth .

    I admit that on occassion I still fall off the wagon once every couple of weeks and can eat 4-6 chocolet chip cookies. But that has decreased in accordance with the reduction of stress and greater feeling of peacefulness .

    Unfortunately many of us seek self worth through approval from our bosses, jobs, money, relationships ,or by physical appearance alone. Try yoga , it cant hurt and may help you lose weight and feel better . Anyway that’s my 2 cents on the subject for what it is worth.

    From a yoga student who isnt very flexible ! Ed

    • Bravo Ed! Thank you for sharing your story and experiences! i help that others will be inspired by your words and struggles as we all have them !! have a great weekend!!

  2. karennouri says:

    Bravo Ed! thank you for sharing and hopefully others will be inspired by your experiences or struggles as we all have them!! Have a great weekend!

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