Turning My Dream Into a Reality

I have been blessed with the opportunity to follow my dream and pursue what I have always wanted to do.  I am able to run a business and be home with our boys at this important time in their young lives because I followed my dream and made it come true. Embarking on a new […]

Donʼt Let Your Age Be Your Dream Snatcher!

I find myself at that awkward stage in life, somewhere between 50 and death. I like being older better rather than younger. When you are younger the potential for screwing up is so much greater, and the consequences can last a lifetime. I think I’ve made most of my major mistakes by now, and have learned from most […]

I Miss My Dining Room Table

Someone asked me the other day  “Who is Anita Devlin?”  “What defines you?”  I had to stop and think about my friend Nancy’s book called “Who’s Better Than Me?”  There was an exercise at the end of one of her chapters asking you to write your own obituary.  What would you write?  It’s not morbid […]