Weighty Subjects

My weight has fluctuated up and down between 5-20 pounds most of my life.  I stand at 5’7 and not even sure of what I weigh, but it is likely in the 125-130 range.  I’ve never been medically overweight, but I used to be one of those people who obsessed about everything I put in […]

To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question

This weekend, I had an old, familiar, internal battle.  From way back to elementary school.  To tattle or not to tattle?  When I was a kid, this concept was confusing to me.  The rule seemed to slide depending on the situation.  This is what I figured out:  Don’t tattle about something small, but if something […]

Facing Your Fears

Facing fears is probably one of the most challenging obstacles of life.  It has been for me, and I’ve spend most of my life fearing one thing or another.  Some of my fears have included, not being perfect and it’s opposite as well, being perfect, not feeling loveable, flying and even mice and cockroaches (the […]