Slow or Fast: Which Way to Go?

“You’re not late! You don’t need to run…or is that just a burst of energy?” my acupuncturist asks as he heads from his home to his connected office and I trot down the driveway. I smile and am actually not quite sure of the answer. Promptness is important to me; I don’t like to be […]

Passion or 9 to 5?

It’s the New Year 2014, WOW!!! Happy New Year!! What, if anything are you going to do differently?  Are you going to make and or break more of the same New Year’s resolutions, or are you now fed up and promise yourself that this year will be different and you will follow your PASSION. Passion […]

It’s almost time, but not yet!

While I sit and write this I have peaceful ocean music playing in the background and it’s windy and cold outside. The fireplace is on and I hear only the sound of my fingers tapping away the keys and sipping my coffee. I type then I backspace…delete…type again…hmm, wondering what I was going to write […]