Susan Milk Grady

2-3-IMG_3261Susan Milk Grady, 43, is a wife, a mom of 2 boys, Michael, and Zachary, and owner of Tides of Cape Cod, an eclectic gallery and gift boutique in Charlotte, NC.  In 2009, Susan’s husband, Todd, accepted a wonderful job opportunity in North Carolina and after losing her mother to a 10 year battle with breast cancer, Susan, eyes wide open, embarked on a long 17-hour trip in the family SUV with husband, 2 children and yellow Lab in tow.  Leaving the only place she called home, and having a very close relationship with her family on Cape Cod, Susan began a journey of new beginnings with only thoughts of optimism.

Susan realized that she enjoys merchandising, shopping, making people happy, and all things Cape Cod, all of these things came together and Tides of Cape Cod was born! Having the support of family and friends, Susan gathered a few Cape Cod artisans in the beginning, and now Tides of Cape Cod has grown to feature an eclectic combination of close to 30 artisans all who call Cape Cod home.

As Susan’s husband Todd, has noticed over 13 years of marriage that she has a lot to say, now Susan can share her thoughts about life, being a mom, a wife, and business owner!


Stay connected with Susan at:
Twitter : Tides of Cape Cod @susanGrady2
Instagram: tidesofcapecod43
LinkedIn: Susan Milk Grady


Want to check out Susan’s articles? Click here.



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