Leah Dubois

IMG_0057Chef Leah Dubois relies on her passion for healthy and local eating to create tasty, eclectic menus full of creative twists on classic American tavern favorites.

Having trained at such culinary destinations as Toro and Nicole Farhi in New York, Dubois was also well-known as the Executive Chef at Grezzo, Boston’s first fine dining, raw vegan restaurant. Her creativity earned her raves and she shared her specialties as co-author of Raw Food For Everyone, her 2010 cookbook.

Dubois, who also worked at Stoddard’s and Ivy Wine & Bistro in Boston’s Downtown Crossing, brings an enthusiasm for authentic preparations and an enormous respect for nutrition and nature to her menus, which are organic and locally-sourced whenever possible.

A native of Cape Cod, Dubois has studied at SUNY Binghamton and Santa Monica City College. When she’s not “keeping it local” in the kitchen, she can be found walking her dog on the beach, juicing and reading the New York Times.

Follow Leah on Twitter @rawleah and Instagram @ rawleah and @toprawinvestor.  



Want to check out Leah’s articles? Click here.



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