Conversation With Gravitas

The email came with a file attached and I was sure that it was a photo of her children, ages 6 and 9. It turned out that the photo was a bucolic scene: a field with some trees around..quite a lovely picnic spot. Except that it was actually a space for cemetery plots. (In New […]


I never really appreciated being disciplined as a pre-teen and teenager.  For a very long time, I associated discipline with fear, restriction of freedom and punishment because that’s what happened when I was disciplined.  If I questioned the rules, well, to be honest, questioning of the rules was not allowed, and often I heard, a […]


Recently, I spoke to one of the yoga practitioners after a yoga class about rejection and she asked if I might write a piece on it.  Having had my own share of rejection, I felt that I could share what I have uncovered about this oft-daunting subject. First and foremost, every single person on this […]