Butterflies are beautiful on so many levels.  They are physically ornate with vivid bright colors that capture a broad range from nature’s palette.  They float in the air, magically, as if appearing suddenly out of the sky, I imagine, where unicorns must come from.  They surround themselves with the most breath-taking of flora and fauna, […]


I never really appreciated being disciplined as a pre-teen and teenager.  For a very long time, I associated discipline with fear, restriction of freedom and punishment because that’s what happened when I was disciplined.  If I questioned the rules, well, to be honest, questioning of the rules was not allowed, and often I heard, a […]

Images In The Mirror

What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror? I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to my recent blog post, “Weighty Subjects”, and decided to write on the image we see in the mirror, ourselves.  So let me ask you a question, “When you strip down naked and look in the mirror, (some of you […]