A Cafe Called “We Meet Again”

A few weeks ago we met again. It all happened so suddenly, just pushed into each other’s lives, maybe this time for another go? It felt like years since I tasted you last. The way it happened was just so perfect, the temperature, the combination of deep, earthy aromas, sweetness and cream. It was as […]

A Moment’s Notice

A bumpy open air jeep ride dropped us off in La Hollandita, a small sister community to the one  in which Gale, my daughter, lives. A nun dressed in chino pants and a tee shirt greeted us, as well as a Bosnian girl and a German girl who both spoke perfect English. They, too, were […]

Conversation With Gravitas

The email came with a file attached and I was sure that it was a photo of her children, ages 6 and 9. It turned out that the photo was a bucolic scene: a field with some trees around..quite a lovely picnic spot. Except that it was actually a space for cemetery plots. (In New […]