To Columbia with Love

I have long known that fear can worm its way into an equation, stopping a story at the point at which it enters, thereby derailing or hijacking an otherwise perfectly lovely time. The trick is to see past it or through it, so that it does not get in the way. Fear has its place, […]


I never really appreciated being disciplined as a pre-teen and teenager.  For a very long time, I associated discipline with fear, restriction of freedom and punishment because that’s what happened when I was disciplined.  If I questioned the rules, well, to be honest, questioning of the rules was not allowed, and often I heard, a […]

Facing Your Fears

Facing fears is probably one of the most challenging obstacles of life.  It has been for me, and I’ve spend most of my life fearing one thing or another.  Some of my fears have included, not being perfect and it’s opposite as well, being perfect, not feeling loveable, flying and even mice and cockroaches (the […]