The Gym

“Lets plan a trip to the beach for Spring Break!” is what I announced and I am really looking forward to seeing a new coastline, different sand, and a new and beautiful Southern beach. Watching my children play in the sand, gazing out at the ocean, listening to the seagulls, collecting different shells and seaglass, […]

It’s almost time, but not yet!

While I sit and write this I have peaceful ocean music playing in the background and it’s windy and cold outside. The fireplace is on and I hear only the sound of my fingers tapping away the keys and sipping my coffee. I type then I backspace…delete…type again…hmm, wondering what I was going to write […]

How To Get Your “Mojo” Back Baby!

When we lose our “mojo” and self-confidence it is not only painful, but it can keep us stuck in a fearful and emotionally uncomfortable place. It is helpful if you can pinpoint exactly when and why it happened. It could be as a writer you got a rejection letter, or didn’t get the job you […]