Things We Do

Being a mom isn’t about all the things that we could be doing. Motherhood is really all about what we are already doing. With our children. For our children. For ourselves. We get down on the floor and help them create, while some of our bodies taking longer to get back up. We put on our boots, […]

It’s almost time, but not yet!

While I sit and write this I have peaceful ocean music playing in the background and it’s windy and cold outside. The fireplace is on and I hear only the sound of my fingers tapping away the keys and sipping my coffee. I type then I backspace…delete…type again…hmm, wondering what I was going to write […]

What I Love Most

While I write this I am thinking back to earlier this morning when my 10-year-old son, Zachary, had a near meltdown when he couldn’t wear his Red Sox sweatshirt that his grandparents gave to him a month ago. For about 15 minutes, I repeated to him over and over that it was in the wash […]