Like most of my generation, I was raised to show my appreciation to someone by writing a Thank You note. Never in my life did I imagine that one of them would be to an addiction treatment center. But addiction is an octopus. It’s tentacles reach out until it squeezes the life out of everyone. […]

An intro to “No Room For Judgement”

Does being a mother give you the right to think you can negotiate with God for your children?  When I found out that my son was addicted to pain pills, I did just that.  I sat in church and told God, “I don’t care what happens to me, please just take care of my son”.  […]

Just Four Little Letters #6

The day of the shower, something told me to call my mother. Intuition, inner voice, the spirits; I don’t know. But it was strong. Unfortunately, I kept getting distracted by the party preparations and kept putting it off. I told myself I would call her after the shower, but the event went long, and after […]