The Joys of Going Back to School

When I was a kid, I used to always think that teachers loved school.  Snow days were a teacher’s biggest bummer.  Now that I’m all grown up, I know better! Like students, teachers go through the 7 stages of (educational) grief as the new school year approaches: Shock and denial:  What’s the date?  Are you […]

To Tell or Not to Tell, That Is the Question

This weekend, I had an old, familiar, internal battle.  From way back to elementary school.  To tattle or not to tattle?  When I was a kid, this concept was confusing to me.  The rule seemed to slide depending on the situation.  This is what I figured out:  Don’t tattle about something small, but if something […]

Bitching About People Bitching About Women Bitching Is Not Bitchin’: A Response to Portrayals of Women in Fiction

Last week, I saw the Broadway play Matilda.  For me, there was a lot to love.  A female heroine who loves to read books, is super smart, tells adventure stories, is a little bit magical and stands up to bullies?  Yes!  Count me in!  The world needs to see more Matildas—inspiring girls and women in […]