The Gym

“Lets plan a trip to the beach for Spring Break!” is what I announced and I am really looking forward to seeing a new coastline, different sand, and a new and beautiful Southern beach. Watching my children play in the sand, gazing out at the ocean, listening to the seagulls, collecting different shells and seaglass, […]

Teaching Everyday Things

So many times I ask myself “Are we doing everything the way it should be done?” Is there a right way?  Well, guess what, sometimes we make mistakes. We’re human and not perfect parents, we’re still learning, but are proud to say that we are raising kind, well-mannered boys. It’s not easy, but teaching everyday […]

5 Tips to Bring Consciousness into Breaking a Habit That You’re Desperate to Break

We all have some lurking habit that annoys even ourselves, and even though you know why you have your habit (emotional eating or drinking, for eg.), you still cannot break the cycle of that habit when that trigger source comes into play and, don’t understand why. I’ll shed some light here as I’ve grappled with […]