Facing Your Fears

Facing fears is probably one of the most challenging obstacles of life.  It has been for me, and I’ve spend most of my life fearing one thing or another.  Some of my fears have included, not being perfect and it’s opposite as well, being perfect, not feeling loveable, flying and even mice and cockroaches (the […]

Recovering Type A

Not only am I a recovering attorney, I am a recovering ‘Type A’ personality.  Type A’s are known to be impatient, rushed, goal-oriented, worried, aggressive, demanding, competitive, extremely ambitious and perfectionists.  Sound like a lot to deal with?  Try living in that skin, and you will quickly understand (as Type A’s need to understand everything […]

Have You Ever Considered Quitting Your Job/Career to Find Something More Fulfilling?

What would that be, taste, feel or look like if you did?  What would you pursue, and why?  Is there anything or anyone stopping you? Are you stoppingyourself?  In her upcoming book, Follow Your Heart, Karen Nourizadeh, a former New York City civil defense litigator, describes how she decided to leave her relatively stable legal […]