My Music Memories

Music. Memories. Inspiration. Cat Stevens’ “Moonshadow” plays on a CD that my father had made for me many years ago, I close my eyes, sing along, and I am transported back in time 30 years to my childhood with such comforting, sweet memories of my mother. I cherish these CD’s that he has so carefully […]


This past month I have watched my two cousins experience two different life changing moments as fathers.  They are brothers, very close in age, and we all grew up together on the beaches of Cape Cod.  Through the years, we played together, fought with each other, and shared our lives with each other.  As the […]

Teaching Everyday Things

So many times I ask myself “Are we doing everything the way it should be done?” Is there a right way?  Well, guess what, sometimes we make mistakes. We’re human and not perfect parents, we’re still learning, but are proud to say that we are raising kind, well-mannered boys. It’s not easy, but teaching everyday […]