Old Cats Teach New Tricks

I’m not sure what number life our cat, Daphne, is on now. It depends on how you count them, I suppose. Certainly the time she pushed out the screen from a second story window and landed in our driveway was one. Besides scaring the bejeepers out of us both, she appeared unharmed. (I think she […]

Santa Adopts Pets!!

Hey Everybody!  Santa stays young for ever!!!  One of his secrets may be his Ho Ho Ho and Flash Mobbing with Super Smiley!  Check out Santa, Academy Award winner Shirley Jones, and more celebs on the Red and Green Carpets in Hollywood for Pet Adoption!  A Woof and Four Paws Up! Click to listen and […]

The Pet Lifestyle Coach ™ – Deck the Halls and be Pet Safe ☺

By Megan Blake:  Happy Holidays!  One and All! Pets complete our families, and of course are right there in the middle of our holiday feasts, decorations and celebrations.  But looming within our traditional seasonal adventures can often be hidden dangers for our pets! You all may not know this, but I have a Super Pawsome […]