My Gift From The Sea

Each time I sit down and write, I always clear away my desk and listen, I think, I sit quietly and decide what are big sources of inspiration for me. Is it the ocean CD that I play each time I sit down and begin to write? Is it the cup of coffee I prepare […]

Thereís Nothing Wrong with Just Being Yourself

Whenever anyone goes out of his or her comfort zone, it’s pretty unsettling and downright frightening. The heart starts beating faster and the sweats start, or is that just me? Spending most of the time staying within certain personal boundaries is comforting and safe but going outside these invisible lines can also be good for […]

Newly Found Confidence

I grew up on Cape Cod and we were all very excited about our upcoming trip that had been planned for months. After a light jog, my husband, Todd, hurt his back with the x-ray showing an injury to his 5th and 6th vertebrae. His doctor mentioned that it could’ve happened at any time and […]