5 Tips to Bring Consciousness into Breaking a Habit That You’re Desperate to Break

We all have some lurking habit that annoys even ourselves, and even though you know why you have your habit (emotional eating or drinking, for eg.), you still cannot break the cycle of that habit when that trigger source comes into play and, don’t understand why. I’ll shed some light here as I’ve grappled with […]


Recently, I spoke to one of the yoga practitioners after a yoga class about rejection and she asked if I might write a piece on it.  Having had my own share of rejection, I felt that I could share what I have uncovered about this oft-daunting subject. First and foremost, every single person on this […]

People Pleasers

Are you a “People Pleaser”?  If you are, then it is likely that you are living your life according to others’ standards at the cost of your own.  I have been a “People Pleaser” (PP) nearly all of my life.  I was taught that others’ opinions of me, especially the whole of society, was like […]