A Moment’s Notice

A bumpy open air jeep ride dropped us off in La Hollandita, a small sister community to the one  in which Gale, my daughter, lives. A nun dressed in chino pants and a tee shirt greeted us, as well as a Bosnian girl and a German girl who both spoke perfect English. They, too, were […]

Pool Frogs and Other Late Summer Perils

People do not typically consider frogs to be wily animals, but I am here to tell you that coyotes have nothing on these sneaky amphibious creatures. They have taken to gathering in the pool in gangs of eight or ten during the night. Clearly they’re conspiring about evasive maneuvers come morning when I have a […]

Who’s Your Snappy

I was on mile 15 of my 20 mile bike loop, enjoying the mid-afternoon sun of a spectacular day on the cusp of summer and autumn. The temperature had risen to a dry 72 degrees, with a gentle breeze, and I was starting to think about our evening dinner plans with friends. I might have […]