The Gym

2-3-IMG_3261“Lets plan a trip to the beach for Spring Break!” is what I announced and I am really looking forward to seeing a new coastline, different sand, and a new and beautiful Southern beach. Watching my children play in the sand, gazing out at the ocean, listening to the seagulls, collecting different shells and seaglass, and exploring a new place! My husband enjoys building sand castles with our boys and I sit, sit in my beach chair taking a whole bunch of pictures and saying “Hey, look here!” Then, almost like a car screeching to a halt, my daydream was over as I remembered how at the end of last summer I promised myself, yes myself, I would go to the gym at least 5 days a week and try and lose those stubborn 10 pounds. Why is it that we always say we’re going to do it then we just don’t? I enjoy our gym a few days a week but it’s really hard for me to get myself motivated because I am thinking of about 15 things I need to get done that day. If I don’t actually get ready before I drop off my 13-year-old son at school, then I won’t have the motivation. I have discovered that something that may seem very small, really works for me.

Untying my sneakers and leaving them near the front door, almost so I trip over them, assists in the photo(51)motivation. I don’t leave them there too early because I know with just his luck, my husband will trip over them as he is walking out the door for work and blame one of the children. Well that would be cause for a great silent chuckle to start my day. OK, maybe not. My fancy gym attire comprises of yoga pants, a jog bra, (I don’t jog), my sneakers, and workout top. I feel good when I put all of this on and look in the mirror. “Hey, I look pretty good in this!”

We belong to the local YMCA in our neighborhood, which is in my opinion like a private club. The YMCA’s down here in the Charlotte area are some of the most beautiful, state of the art facilities with a great staff. We also have the ability to use any of the surrounding YMCA’s as well, which is wonderful. We fully enjoy it tremendously and take advantage of most of the amenities: pool, water slides (in the summer) gym, childcare, if needed, and classes they offer. Bathing suit wearing season arrives much earlier in the South than up North where I had at least another month, sometimes two, to get into some sort of ship shape condition.

I walk confidently into our YMCA ready for another challenge, I scan my card and then proceed to the ladies locker room. More times than not, as I enter the locker room, a half-naked or completely naked gal is standing there. I don’t feel comfortable speaking to naked strangers. So I proceed to walk by and ignore the spectacle. Why do some ladies find it necessary to bare it all in the locker room? I understand it is really a question of self-confidence, but please cover yourself. Right next to the showers there are changing rooms. Clean ones! Put on some undergarments. There is also this wonderful “comfy” article of clothing called a ROBE, which you could purchase or bring from home. I would be happy to also get you a bigger towel so half of you isn’t exposed after you take a shower. I am sorry, well maybe not, but I am not the type of person that needs to show myself off nor would I want to. It’s very annoying. Many others and myself really don’t need to see that the minute we walk through the locker room door at 8:45 am. Also, please get dressed before you use the hairdryers. Please don’t dry your hair in the buff, you’re not at home. It’s very embarrassing to even be in the same vicinity of the women who display their “wares” for all of us to see, while drying their hair. I too would like to use the hair drying area thank you very much! But I feel like the hairdryers have been “tagged.” Tagged in our house means if a magazine or something of that nature goes into the bathroom it has been tagged and must never come out. Never. It has a certain “tarnished” reputation now. The magazine must remain there now to carry out its days until another one replaces it.

Ok back to the gym.

I am on a mission. My mission. 1) I go in to the locker room. 2) Put up my hair in a style that doesn’t look too “planned.” 3) Prepare my phone/earphones for music. Usually something with a good beat. 4) Take out my water bottle.  Most importantly, 5) Make sure my top is perfectly covering half or most of my backside, 6) Proceed upstairs to the “Workout Room.” I am feeling driven.

photo(52)People in the workout area always say hello or smile. Even though I don’t know them, it feels good to know that we’re all there for the same reason and no one is there to judge. I venture over to the elliptical/treadmill area hoping my favorite machine isn’t being used by anyone. YES! It’s free! I press the buttons like a true veteran and I begin. Enjoying the fact that after 45 minutes of this machine I feel great and a sense of accomplishment. I usually see moms that I know from our sons’ schools. I say hello but rarely do I carry on a conversation because I am not there for social purposes I am there for me. The feeling I get when I complete a workout is so relaxing and I feel like I have accomplished so much. I do it for me. Working out and exercising is so important for good piece of mind, reaching a goal, better rest, and the best part, more energy. I have successfully lost some weight that I was trying to get rid of for a while and I feel very confident! I’m ready for the beach.

Happy Mom, Happy Home.


By: Susan Milk Grady

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