I Am Not Crazy

photoLyme disease is an infectious and debilitating disease that is carried by ticks. If diagnosed and treated appropriately in earlier stages, one is likely to recover; however in later stages, the treatment recovery is slower and more difficult. Chronic Lyme disease is a highly controversial catch-all term for a host of long-lasting symptoms that may or may not stem from prior infection with the bacterium that causes acute Lyme disease. It is often misdiagnosed and mistreated, leaving thousands of people physically and mentally debilitated without a medically established recourse. Unfortunately, inaccurate blood testing results and/or lack of a “bulls eye” or rash is not the only indication whether Lyme disease is evident.  The signs and symptoms of the disease vary, may come and go, and mimic other illnesses. Nutrition, stress and lifestyle significantly determine the extent and success of treatment.

My journey began in 1993 pregnant with my 3rd child.  An insect bit me that left a red ring. I decided to see a medical doctor and it was written off as a “spider bite”. Many years later, I began to have several random symptoms, which persuaded me to revisit the doctor. Since I was experiencing facial numbness, tingling, dizziness, and neck pain, a neurologist was recommended. Along with these symptoms, increased heart palpitations and left arm pain, were also present that would come and go. Mind you, I was a thirty-five year old woman who was healthy and fit. My struggle continued with much frustration and little to no answers. I was overcome by indescribable fatigue, headaches, neck pain, and aching joints. I had brain fog, forgetfulness, irritability, and night sweats. There was no question in my mind, I knew I was debilitated and not well. Although I looked fine and functioned well enough; I was not myself. I was suffering. I was done rationalizing and making excuses and was determined to get to the bottom of this.  At this point I was praying someone would come up with some kind of diagnosis.  However all tests with varied specialists were “normal”.  Thousands of medical dollars later, I was inspired by a friend who shared her story, a similar story. She became my angel and guided me into the right hands. I received aggressive and persistent antibiotic treatment for several years and went into remission. However, still today, I continue to pursue antibiotic treatments when needed to manage the chronic disease. I have utilized strategies to help me deal effectively.  One of the strategies is practicing yoga, which led me to the opportunity of becoming a yoga teacher. I simply loved the discipline and found it to not only be a physical practice, but an emotional and enlightening experience. Combined with my prior knowledge of nutrition and fitness, teaching yoga continues to empower my health and well-being.  I trusted my intuition and listened to what my body was telling me and never gave up hope. Do you trust your intuition? Throughout challenging times, the most magical opportunities can happen, if we are open and look for them.  Do you look for opportunities and lessons during times of struggle? Or are you someone who plays the part of the victim and wonders why “everything happens to me”?  Yoga teaches mindfulness, stillness, and presence; all of which I feel are highly valuable tools for living a healthy, happy and peaceful life.  It has certainly empowered me through my challenging times as a woman, wife, daughter, parent, sister, aunt, and friend.


By: Janet Muller


  1. Peggy Peters says:

    Janet, you are an incredible inspiration to many! xx

  2. You are an inspiration to so many women including myself. Keep writing.

  3. María F Diaz says:

    You are such a strong and amazing súper woman! Thank you for sharing this journey, I can relate to some extent to the same feelings and thoughts of such debilitating disease. You have helped me heal with your magic zen in yoga class! You are the best! Xoxoxo

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