Things We Do

2-3-IMG_3261Being a mom isn’t about all the things that we could be doing. Motherhood is really all about what we are already doing. With our children. For our children. For ourselves. We get down on the floor and help them create, while some of our bodies taking longer to get back up. We put on our boots, throw fashion and current hairstyles out the window, try and locate the gloves, hats, and scarves that were put away the year before, and go out in the cold and play with our kids in the snow. Even when we have a whole bunch of other things we could be doing, it’s rather therapeutic to get on a sled with our children and whole neighborhood and go bumbling down a hill. Laughing. To be a kid again! Sometimes it is about running up the stairs announcing, “The last one up is a rotten egg” and laughing because I always end up being the rotten egg. That’s ok. At least I know it always gets them up off the comfy couch and ready for bed…hee hee it works! We tuck them in, and listen to the same stories and questions that concern them. Telling them a story about a big adventure and allowing them to add in an alternative ending that unravels our well thought out story. That’s ok. Sometimes it is about being grateful for being healthy or being okay with serving applesauce instead of a vegetable, it’s still good for them! Simply doing the best we can do. I am not a gourmet chef and don’t claim to be but at least my family gets a healthy meal every night. Well almost every night. We are normal. My husband doesn’t “expect” a home cooked meal ready when he gets home, that’s not how we do things, but I enjoy cooking something I know the whole family will enjoy. He works hard everyday, as we do, and he realizes that. He will ask if I want him to make something when he gets home. I kindly say no that’s ok, it’s all set, but at least he offered knowing I will usually say no.

ZACH legosWhy do we buy them so many Legos? They always end up creating the masterpiece then mysteriously it disappears into a million and 1 pieces in a box. Why? We love to see them smile. We love to see them create. But when we step on that one Lego in the middle of the night, why is it the worst pain in the world? Well, if you ever stepped on a Lego of any size, shape or color, you’d understand.

I’ve got my share, well more than my share, of ups and downs, mistakes, highs and lows, and sitting at the dining table, quiet, staring out at the birds cleaning out the bird feeder. Taking turns, waiting for their chance to finally eat. Darn that squirrel, he always seems to jump from the tall fence or climb up the bird feeder pole. We’ve respectively named him “Squidward”, why? I really don’t know, maybe we find joy in watching our Lab, Macie run to the sliding glass door when we say “Sqidward” and whine and bark excitedly, tail wagging, ears up and wishes she could be out there scaring or playing him (or her) away. These are the everyday joys in our house. I enjoy this silly, but peaceful time of nothing and nonsense.

We don’t eat all organic foods, but when I’m in the grocery store I will browse through the veggie department and grab a few organics then I feel like my mission is accomplished. We buy our kids fruit snacks even though they look at the nutrition information and see all the interesting ingredients. They eat them anyway. Every once in a while I will go through a ‘Listen up everyone, we are going to eat more whole grain everything” and then it goes back to what our “normal’ is. A few whole grains, some fruit, veggies, and I am grateful they are starting to choose, on their own, what’s good for them. We have taught them well. They are going to be fine.

snowI sometimes will rush through a book at bedtime so I can finally have time with my husband on the couch watching “our shows.” I love that time with him and look forward to it everyday. Hoping a small face doesn’t peer from around the corner and up the stairs. Our time is important. Ahhh another night accomplished of child-free interruptions. I am content.

By: Susan Milk Grady

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