Facing Your Fears

110612A-060bigFacing fears is probably one of the most challenging obstacles of life.  It has been for me, and I’ve spend most of my life fearing one thing or another.  Some of my fears have included, not being perfect and it’s opposite as well, being perfect, not feeling loveable, flying and even mice and cockroaches (the latter two being common New York fears).

It took me a long time to understand how fear was taking over my life, decisions and behaviors, but now, quite simply-I get it.  Winston Churchill made famous this popular saying: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  Tis true.  Fear is a powerful emotion.  One used in all societies to achieve goals which are frankly, out of alignment with love, compassion and tolerance for all beings.  Fear is often used by religious leaders, financial advisors, the media, CEO’s, shareholders, government officials and many other types of leaders to manipulate others for their own power, greed or status.

Fear has not just a mental affect on one’s health, but also a very real affect on one’s body-chemistry and subsequently, one’s genes and cellular structures.  Once it is in one’s genes, it is possible to pass down the conditioned cells to the next generation of people, who are nearly powerless to understand why they have certain fears and where they have stemmed from.

How does fear work?  Generally speaking, fear is an emotion created by the mind.  All emotions have an affect on the brain wherein the brain matches a chemical to the emotion-state, which shoots its way into the nervous system and blood stream, which then carries it through the entire body.  Once a chemical is matched to an emotion-state, that chemical will be released over and again each time the emotion, fear in this example, is experienced.  Most often, in response to fear, the brain chemistry reacts upon the adrenal glands to shoot out adrenaline in a ‘flight or fright’ response. In emergencies, adrenaline can help to provide alertness, superhuman powers and instincts, as well as an ability to react without hesitation.  However, if stimulated often enough, the adrenals will start to produce an aggressive amount of adrenaline which over time taxes the physical body, contributing to phobias.  People suffering phobias are not plagued with conscious fear, but fears that lie within the unconscious and subconscious minds, which can automatically trigger a chemical, biological and physical response, without one’s awareness.

I’ve taken to facing my fears one by one. First, I identify what my fear is.  Sometimes it helps tremendously to know the original source of my fear to bring about a further elimination of it, but sometimes this is impossible because it is buried deep in the subconscious or unconscious minds.  Sometimes fears originate from past lives, and unless a trained professional is involved in identifying the past life trauma, it is unlikely that one will be able to determine the source of a seemingly irrational fear.

Then, I either face my fear head on and with a certain degree of circumspection. For example, I had a fear of flying which put me into silent anxiety the moment the plane took off.  I could feel the color drain from my face as I gripped the armrests and looked for signs of distress on the faces of other passengers.  I traveled so often for pleasure, that I eventually decided to eradicate this fear no matter how difficult it was.  Fortunately, I was able to rationalize this fear away by telling myself that there could be worse ways to die than a plane crash, and by acknowledging that my love of travel far outweighed my fear of dying.  Yes, seriously, that was my thought process. But, it worked for me.

Yet, as we know, most fears are ingrained in us from early on and we are fear-conditioned by our society, families and environments.  In those cases, I have found that working with professional energy healers, and practicing yoga and meditation have helped me to pinpoint the deeper-seeded fears that lie under the surface.  These latent fears are usually the most damaging because if we cannot find them, then how can we rid ourselves of them?

The brain imprints fearful and traumatic experiences into its limbic system, and a present day event can trigger a past memory, experience or imprint to arise.  The brain cannot differentiate between what it sees and what it remembers.  This means that one can experience a fear in the body without a triggering event, just by virtue of a past imprint!

Therefore, one has to become a tenacious detective watching the mind, emotions and thoughts at all times.  It is is those little ‘throw-away’ lines in the mind that are usually the most potent, the ones we ignore, that are from the subconscious. And if we pay attention to our dreams, we can uncover what’s in the unconscious as well.

Once the fear is identified, one must work to break down the patterning of the conditioned thought-emotion and replace it with a stronger emotion-state so as to re-wire the brain and re-structure the mind. Sound like a great deal of work?  It is, and often guidance by a professional is needed. But, have no fear!  At the other end of the tunnel is a beautiful light which opens to a portal of love, compassion, wisdom and understanding.  And just know, that you are not in the boat alone.  While many people don’t openly discuss their deepest fears, nearly all people are inflicted in one form or another.

Take the time to make friends with your enemy, Fear, and you will likely realize that you are much stronger than you ever imagined, and that there are plenty of healers and counselors in the world to aid you on a path that, in and of itself, seems scary.

Please share any fears or solutions to overcoming your fears that you may have experienced in the past.  You might just help a soul find their inner light!

By:  Karen Nourizadeh


  1. Ed Lemmo says:

    Karen .Great article.Thank you for being so honest and genuine. I also share many of your fears and others .Thanks for reminding people like me and others to have the courage to face our fears, and by doing so create a more happy existance. Ed

  2. Steven Hillyer says:

    Great post Karen…and it was a real pleasure meeting you last night.

  3. Thank you karen for sharing your experiences and knowledge of how fear affects our bodies and minds. I have just recently powered through a door that was locked shut but once I recognized my fear that i might fail; I felt a ton of bricks lifted off my soul. I am grateful I was able to recognize and face the fear. We all certainly have many fears we were given and many fears we have created. In celebration of facing our fears!!!

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